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Windows 2012
End of Service Life

October 10, 2023

Business justification for migrating EOS Windows workloads to AWS

  • Security threat to run business on EOS and disruptions
  • Lower TOC to run workloads on latest version of Windows OS/Linux
  • Better performance if you run your workloads on the latest OS (Windows/Linux)
  • Exposure to compliance risks

Windows on AWS

  • AWS’s experience years of experience hosting Windows workloads
  • Depth & breath of services
  • Various licensing options (BYOL/LI)
  • Tools and funding programs to accelerate migration & modernization

What happens if you don’t upgrade?

There are many risks that are tied to your Windows 2012 servers. These include:

  • A loss of Microsoft technical support and updates
  • Limited functionality and incompatibility
  • Vulnerability to cyber threats
  • Invalidity of cyber insurance

How can Ingram Micro help you?

Our experts can help you make the transition to a modern operating system. We can assist you with:

  • Infrastructure modernization
  • Migration and modernization roadmaps
  • Security and compliance strategies cost-benefit analysis
  • and more