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Leverage Contracts and Grants to Drive Revenue

Competing for business in the public sector can be time-consuming, complex, and often requires knowledge of the public sector procurement process. Ingram Micro Cloud has deep expertise in the public sector and we are ready to help you build your business with robust contract and grant services. Our tools, resources, and enablement programs make it easier for you to expand in the public sector and better support the mission of government agency customers.

Ramp Up Your IT Modernization with the Contracts Alliance Program

Ingram Micro Cloud’s Contracts Alliance Program (CAP) can help you save money, be more efficient, and spend IT resources where they are needed most. The CAP Program is designed to streamline the procurement process in the public sector space by removing barriers to cloud-based opportunities and providing access to a portfolio of federal, state, local, and education contracts that public sector agencies often use to procure cloud services.

Let our team act as your contract expert, so you can focus on achieving your mission goals.

General Services Administration

The Ingram Micro Cloud Government Solutions General Services Administration (GSA) schedule provides access to key vendors and products on our GSA schedule. Available in all 50 states, this gives customers the ability to be competitive and participate in GSA opportunities in federal, state, and local markets.

OMNIA Partners

Ingram Micro Cloud enables participating public agencies to migrate, grow, secure, and optimize their cloud investment and technology solution requirements through our OMNIA Partners contract. We support you and your customers with “More as a Service” among leading cloud services including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Google for Education, IBM, and Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector services. OMNIA Partners is available for use in all 50 states.

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance

Grow SLED sales with the National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA). As a leading national government purchasing cooperative, NCPA works to lower the cost of goods and services by combining the purchasing power of public agencies across all 50 states. Take advantage of the NCPA contract and reach over 90,000 public and nonprofit agencies nationwide.


Contracts Alliance Program

Through the CAP program’s contract vehicles, you can reduce the time it takes to close opportunities.

Contracts are available to in both Teaming Agreement and Agent Agreement models.

Bid Capture

Bid capture capabilities are a key element to Ingram Micro Cloud’s contract services, supporting partners who want support with the Rf(x) process. Our Bid Capture Team will work with you to support bid responses and serve as your go-to resource for bid-related questions.

Why Buy Through Ingram Micro Cloud?

  • Lower your contract fees
  • Save time
  • Tap into industry-leading expertise
  • Access teaming opportunities
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Drive Value with Ingram Micro Cloud’s Contract Vehicles

Contracts currently available through Ingram Micro Cloud’s Contract Alliance Program include*:

  • NASPO Cloud Solutions, 14 Participating Addendums (Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvania Housing Authority, Utah, Vermont)
  • G2G Marketplace
  • SeaPort NxG – Cloud Engineering and Management Services
  • ADMC-3
  • ITES-SW2

*as of 1.17.2023

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Accelerate IT modernization, improve your mission effectiveness, and access more opportunities with vendor GTM strategy and public sector alignment. Ingram Micro Cloud’s expert team can help you:

  • Leverage Business Intelligence Tools to get ahead with our prospecting, capture, and support services​
  • Manage account mapping with access to our Business Intelligence Tools
  • Leverage Small Business Certifications (8A, Hubzone, SDVOSB, etc.) through teaming opportunities
  • Leverage our Public Sector Subject Matter Experts in Federal, SLED, Healthcare and Justice & Public Safety

Grant Spotlight

Grant Guides, Funding news, Grant technology trends

Justice & Public Safety

Grants alerts on grant funding opportunities for police, fire, first responders, court systems, corrections, and other crime prevention and public safety initiatives.

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State & Local Government Grants, SMART Cities

Information on grants and funding trends for states and localities e.g., cybersecurity, transportation, utilities, civic communication, SMART Cities

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Education & Non Profits

Information on grant programs, grant alerts, and funding trends for K-12 sectors, higher education, and other educationally driven initiatives.

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Healthcare Grants

Grant programs serving health care sectors and nonprofit organizations.

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Rural Grants

Grant Alerts on grant programs serving rural areas (transportation, public safety, infrastructure, community)

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Tribal Grants

Grant Alerts on funding to Indian Tribal Organizations (transportation, public safety, infrastructure, community)

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Help State, Local, Education, Nonprofit, and Healthcare Organizations Modernize IT Cloud Solutions with Grant Opportunities

Ingram Micro Cloud’s Grants Services experts offer simplified grant services to drive real value.

Grant Intelligence

Grow your business and help public agencies secure funding for cloud technology solutions.

Funding Alerts

Optimize Ingram Micro Cloud’s grant intelligence alerts detailing cloud-friendly grants to help provide purchasing solutions for public sector agencies

Grant Workshops

Increase your understanding of grant revenue streams for your public sector needs through live and on-demand grant webcasts and supporting guides

Grant Expertise

Save time and money by leveraging Ingram Micro Cloud’s nationally recognized grant experts

Explore better ways to position your cloud technology solutions by leveraging grant funding resources for Public Sector Opportunities in:

  • State and Local Government
  • Justice and Public Safety
  • Transportation Tribal and Rural
  • Healthcare
  • Community Organizations/Nonprofit
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Education
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How it works – The Ingram Micro Cloud Grants Program Process

Step 1 – Grants Intelligence Data Analytics Report

Forecasting & Pipeline on grant revenue streams in SLED markets

Step 2 – Matching Best Fits/Intentional Targeting

Introduce preselected opportunities to qualified (existing & new) prospecting customers.

Step 3 – Technical Assistance Meetings on Grant Opportunities

Grant Expertise & Strategy Planning – Compelling Proposal

Step 4 – Grants Writing

Writing Prospects, Budgets, Addendums, Grant Package Submittal

Step 5 – Follow Up – Win Y/N

Procurement Post Award Assistance

Step 6 – Win – Repeat to New or Other Existing Customers

Share Success & Scale

“Ingram Micro Cloud Grant services have been a great resource for us. Grants are complex but we can now navigate the process and help our SLED clients access much-needed funding. Well done Ingram Cloud!”

Becky Fitzpatrick, CEO & Owner

Asante Cloud

Quarterly Grant Workshops


Justice and Public Safety for Partners
Justice and Public Safety for Agencies


State and Local Government for Partners
State and Local Government for Agencies

Weekly Grant Services Office Hours

Fridays 2:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Let Ingram Micro Cloud be your Grant-Funding Expert

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