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The Power of the Cloud

The cloud is revolutionizing the way we do business. The nature of its scalability, security and low-cost infrastructure helps organizations modernize, drive innovation and obtain actionable insights to make the most informed decisions.

State and Local governments are currently assessing and modernizing legacy systems so they can continue advancing their missions by delivering reliable services to citizens and communities. Replacing antiquated systems with current technologies provides a digital platform for ease of integration with modern mobility and consumer technology. By updating these systems, it enables agencies and departments in the public sector to increase the flow of information, giving the right data to the right people for more informed decision-making. Newer systems can pull together disparate systems and sprawled data across the enterprise into one centralized platform, or system of record, with one dashboard interface for increased visibility. Making the move to a modern solution improves accountability by creating transparency in government. Newer technologies reduce redundancy in business processes and improves operational efficiency.

Why Join Forces with Ingram Micro Cloud Public Sector?

We ensure a smooth path to success through a personalized approach and ample resources, ultimately accelerating your AWS practice and time to market. Additionally, partners who participate in AWS training programs put themselves in a competitive position for success over the next three to five years. Here’s what we are bringing to the table:

Build Readiness

Ingram Micro Cloud helps partners become better prepared through training, certification programs and accessible resources – 90% of IT Decision Makers report cloud skills shortages.

Speed to Deployment

The cloud journey assessment identifies a strategic roadmap to streamline migration and secure workloads at velocity – at any stage of your cloud migration journey, we will be there to help.

Lower Cost – Reserved Instance (RI) Optimization

Ingram Micro Cloud supports partner transformation to the cloud through cost optimization and compliance platforms such as CloudCheckr helping support transformation at scale.

The Impact of Cloud on the Public Sector

Governments worldwide are investing in solutions that deliver ROI and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). State and local governments are employing new solutions to address projects that have a real impact on our society such as technology-driven initiatives that address areas like energy conservation, public health, public safety, waste management and transportation.

How cloud capabilities are being used to improve operational efficiencies and optimize the following processes:


Advanced cities are rolling out smart city transportation systems and implementing cloud solutions to improve the customer experience.


To maximize the benefits of remote learning, schools and universities around the world are implementing refined remote programs, increasing accessibility to education.

E-Government and Public Records

Online government services are revolutionizing the way citizens and municipalities interact.

Public Safety

Modern and emerging technologies are being integrated into a city’s infrastructure to further enhance safety in urban areas.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Data-driven solutions have opened up a new world of healthcare—since the adoption of the cloud, healthcare businesses have seen cost savings, new innovations and have provided patients with care that best fits their needs.

Government Cloud Modernization / Smart Cities Initiatives

Ingram Micro Cloud and Smart Cities Council are partnered to support the digital transformation of cities and citizens. Smart Cities Council envisions a world where digital technology and intelligent design harness technology to create smart, sustainable cities with high-quality living and high-quality jobs which are accomplished through:

Two-way communication channels—key for smart city initiatives creating citizen-centric communities

Migrating critical applications, infrastructure, operations and management to the AWS Cloud

Implementation of key technologies including replacing legacy systems with modern infrastructure, data collection and exchange (key enabler), security and governance

Pulling together disparate systems and sprawled data into one centralized system of record – increasing transparency in government and enabling more informed decision making

Smart city investments have proven to generate significant ROI for city governments, but more importantly, they have also showcased the potential for massive growth within the industry.

30% of urban emissions could be cut by 2050 by making buildings more efficient

Smart city initiatives can reduce crime by a 30-40%

Effective smart public health initiatives can potentially increase response time by 20-35%

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making.

How is it impacting the public sector?

A digital twin can be used to save time and money when a product or process needs to be tested—whether that is in design, implementation, monitoring or improvement.

The data produced from digital twins empower organizations within the public sector to make more informed decisions—they enable more effective research through an abundance of data collected about potential performance outcomes, help maintain peak efficiency throughout manufacturing processes and can even assist manufacturers in deciding what to do with products that reach the end of their product lifecycle.

Learn more about accelerating digital twins at the Smart Cities Council Readiness Workshop.

The following industries that have achieved the greatest success with digital twins are those involved with large-scale products or projects:

  • Engineering (systems)
  • Railcar design
  • Building construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Power utilities
  • Medical analysis
  • Environmental
  • Transit systems
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Aerospace and aircraft production



Cloud Solutions

AWS Solutions

  • Migration
  • Data Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Automation

Modernization Benefits

  • 31% average infrastructure cost savings vs on-premises
  • 69% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • 26 regions and 84 availability zones globally
  • 62% more efficient IT infrastructure management vs on-premises

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