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AWS Cloud Transformation
Starter Kits &
Market Ready Solutions

Automate and accelerate your
customer journey to the cloud with AWS
Starter Kits & Market Ready Solutions.

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AWS Cloud Transformation Starter Kits

Automate and accelerate your SMB customer journey to the cloud.
AWS Cloud Features

The Business Value of Migrating to AWS

*“The Business Value of Migration to Amazon Web Services”, The Hackett Group, January 2022

Organizations who migrated to AWS from on-premises saw, on average:

Cost Savings


Reduction in total technology infrastructure costs



Increase in administrator productivity

Operational Resilience


Reduction in outages

Business Agility


Decrease in time-to-market for new application features or functionality



Decrease in security-related incidents

AWS Cloud Transformation Starter Kits

Download Starter Kit Translations
Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German


  • Automate the set up of your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Ready to go standard network architecture that will fit any workload

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines
  • Provision virtual machines (EC2) without friction
  • Use this bundle within your current environments or for new workloads

Active Directory

Active Directory
  • Connect the cloud investment to on-premise MS Active Directory
  • Create a new forest or join a new Domain Controller to an existing forest


  • Add a Web Application Firewall as a first-line protection
  • Preconfigured ACL based on managed AWS rules

Web Hosting

Web Hosting
  • 2 x Public and 2 x Private subnets
  • Windows WebApp Server and RDS
  • 3 available sizes (S, M, L)
  • Preconfigured routing and security group for web server and database


  • Single database deployment (MySQL/MariaDB/MSSQL/PostgreSQL)
  • Add additional databases to an existing AWS environment

Secure Storage

Secure Storage
  • 1x S3 Bucket
  • Windows WebApp Server and RDS
  • 3 available sizes (S, M, L)
  • Deployable in new and existing
  • Requires Trend Micro Cloud One

O365 Backup

O365 Backup
  • 2 x Public and 2 x Private subnets
  • Windows WebApp Server
  • 1 Veeam Backup Server
  • 1x S3 for backups – 1 x S3 for logs
  • Preconfigured IAM user, routing, and security group

AWS Cloud Transformation Starter Kits include:

Cloud Formation Templates
Automate the provisioning of AWS services with easy-to-use Cloud Formation Templates for the most provisioned services for SMB customers.

Technical Guidance
Technical guides and how-to videos make it easy to provision AWS resources and services.

Sales & GTM Support
Sales & pre-sales support helps our partner get going faster—pitch decks, OFTs, battlecards.

Pricing Estimates
AWS Estimated pricing provided to help you and your customers visualize approximate costs of launching services they will need on AWS.

Contact your Ingram Micro AWS Team to get started or click on Get Started to ask for your kit today!

Get Started
AWS Cloud Transformation Starter Kit Files

AWS Starter Kit Benefits

  • AWS Native

    Quickly connect your customers to the AWS Cloud

  • Turn-Key

    All the technical and GTM materials you need to execute

  • Common Use Cases

    Leverage and automate the most often provisioned AWS services to begin your customers’ transformation

  • Professional Services

    Lift off your AWS practice by adding your monthly pro services

  • Repeatable & Stackable

    Deploy multiple kits in your customer environment with no guess work

  • AWS Developed

    Developed by AWS badged Solution Architects leveraging AWS best practices

AWS Global SMB Market Spotlight:

Nonprofit Organizations (NPO)

Business Types

Business Types
  • Charities
  • Membership Organizations
  • Credit Unions
  • Research Organizations
  • Public Utilities
  • Sports Organizations (Outside US)
  • Social Housing Organizations (Outside US)

Cloud Readiness

Cloud Readiness
  • Often risk-averse
  • Funding depends on donors/publics sources/grants
  • Lack of skilled tech staff
  • Struggle to leverage technology to achieve mission outcomes

Tech Objectives

Tech Objectives
  • Operational Efficiencies/Cost Reduction
  • Improved accessibility
  • Lack of skilled tech staff
  • Digital outreach/engagement with all stakeholders
  • Data security

Starter Packs Needs

Starter Packs Needs
  • Web Hosting
  • Network – Networking + VM + Active Directory + Database
  • Secure Storage – Networking + VM + Active Directory + Database + Secure Storage
  • O365 Backup

Non-Profit Organizations by the Numbers:

View full details of Nonprofit Statistics 2023



Global NPO






Take your customer to the AWS Cloud…or someone else will.

The market leader in Zero Trust Data Security

Use XQ to securely move and protect data.

XQ delivers future-proof security and compliance for cloud data transfer and storage. Our Zero Trust Data Protection Platform beats traditional cybersecurity solutions by focusing on what matters: the data.

XQ can help address data security almost anywhere, making it an ideal product for MSPs, MSSPs, VARs, systems integrators and other tech resellers who want to help their clients protect data. Whether you have clients in healthcare, financial services, defense or any other industry, XQ can work for you.

Explore our Market-Ready Data Security Solutions

Plug into Ingram Micro’s Market –Ready Solutions to support your customers’ migration, security and compliance needs.

Businesses and public sector organizations need your help securing their cloud data. Ingram Micro’s market-ready solutions and AWS Cloud make it possible to deliver a Zero Trust data security posture that provides tremendous professional service opportunities for your partners. Through the Ingram Micro partner-to-partner ecosystem, take advantage of XQ’s Zero Trust Data Transfer and Migration, Quantum Secure S3 Storage Vault and communications solutions to protect data. Whether it’s on the move or at rest, XQ’s data-centric strategy means your data will be safe.

Quantum Secure S3 Storage Vault

Turn S3 into a Quantum Secure Zero Trust storage Vault. XQ enables organizations to meet or exceed data security and tracking standards for regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, ITAR, GDPR and DFARS. Control where, when and who has access to data. XQ’s Vault is the only Zero Trust solution to provide data sovereignty, data integrity and data security at the data level.

Zero Trust Data Transfer and Migration

The first Zero Trust Data Gateway is an ideal VPN alternative. Protect data outside your custody with XQ’s breakthrough Quantum Safe Zero Trust system. Unlike traditional cybersecurity, XQ focuses on securing what is most important: the data. With XQ, data does not have to be in a secure environment to stay safe. No matter the location, XQ creates a Zero Trust secure circuit for data transfers that include provenance and chain of custody.

GDPR Data Sovereignty Solutions

By ensuring that data is stored locally and is accessed only in the country of origin, organizations can meet data residency and localization requirements for GDPR. It is easily deployable across multiple systems and greatly reduces compliance and reporting requirements. Plus, organizations maintain a full chain of custody at the data packet level across disparate networks.

XQ Turnkey CMMC Solution

Starting in May 2023, companies doing business with the U.S. Federal Government must meet updated CMMC regulations. With our partner, Captiva Solutions, XQ Communications and Cloud Storage Solution helps organizations meet or exceed all 110 NIST SP 800 – 171 controls.


Integrate Zero Trust Data security into IoT devices without hardware modifications. Using XQ’s gateway, library of APIs and SDKs, your IoT device can meet data security requirements like CMMC, ITAR, GDPR and HIPAA.

Zero Trust Data Transfer and Migration

In November 2022, the Department of Defense (DoD) published a Zero Trust Strategy paper with the stated objective of making data available to warfighters wherever and whenever needed. The DoD’s new strategy represents a significant change in the approach to protecting classified data, which is typically stored in a secure facility (such as a military base or warship) and only accessed via a secure network.

The DoD has defined a new standard for data protection and Zero Trust. XQ is the first company to provide a commercial Zero Trust Data (ZTD) solution with all seven capabilities as defined by the DoD. XQ can meet the DoD’s ZTD framework via a patented solution that wraps encrypted data (conceptually a secure envelope).

XQ enables small businesses to benefit from the DoD’s Zero Trust Data (ZTD) security model to help meet compliance requirements, allowing businesses to sell to the DoD at a far lower cost than alternative solutions. Small businesses also benefit by having a CMMC 2.0 compliance solution that utilizes a security architecture defined by DoD; thus future-proofing the solution.

Learn how you can offer ZTD to your customers.

Zero Trust Data: A New Capability From The DoD To Enable Secure Information Sharing

Learn How

It’s time! Become CMMC 2.0 compliant and experience zero interruptions working with the DoD.

Discover the full impact of Ingram Micro’s security partner ecosystem and take the hassle out of CMMC 2.0.

Streamline CMMC certification through XQ. By May 2023, only CMMC 2.0-compliant organizations will be eligible for many new and renewing DoD contracts. Compliance is required across the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

XQ is faster, more affordable and simpler than our competitors.  We’ve been endorsed by Captiva Solutions as the preferred data solution for CMMC 2.0. Our competition-defying approach exceeds the Zero Trust data standards set by the DoD

XQ allows  data to flow through open environments So you can position your organization for the future. Implement  XQ’s data solutions to jumpstart compliance with up to 79 of the 110 Level 2 practices.

GDPR: Maintain Data Sovereignty Across Borders

XQ supports GDPR compliance, including the notoriously difficult-to-meet data sovereignty requirements. We are easily deployable across multiple systems and can  reduce compliance and reporting requirements.

To ensure data is subject to the laws of the country it resides in, our solution allows for policies based on data, geography and jurisdiction. Organizations can also maintain a full chain of custody at the data packet level across disparate networks.

FedRAMP Readiness

Introducing Project Hosts’ FasTrack with FedRAMP FasTrack platform. We can help you get your SaaS solution fast tracked with the Project Hosts’ FasTrakc platform.

The process consists of three parts: 1) A FedRAMP SaaS audit. 2) Your agency sponsor grants your solution an Authority to Operate (ATO). 3) The FedRAMP PMO validates the agency ATO and lists your solution (as authorized on

Get FedRAMP Authorized in 6-9 months after being Audit Ready.

Powered By:

“Our goal of providing cutting-edge and industry-leading services means we see things differently than our competitors. With a philosophy that protection shouldn’t stop at compliance, we are constantly improving our service and going beyond the required standards to ensure your data’s safety, security, and privacy. Using XQ means your clients get incredibly safe, secure, and compliant customization on the infrastructure they control. Wherever and however they already work, simplify sharing, upgrade security, and achieve compliance quickly, affordably, and effectively. Compliance or not, we all deserve digital protection”.

Zero Trust Data Protection.
Protecting what matters most—your data.

Healthcare – Privacy Isn’t Elective

XQ is helping secure the healthcare sector as it moves into the digital age. We provide Quantum Safe encryption that exceeds the standards recommended by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Our cross-platform security allows electronic health records (EHRs) to remain protected when passed among different stakeholders in a patient’s healthcare network. We also offer the first encryption product to have verifiable compliance functions, like a chain of custody log for each data object, in addition to cross-platform security.

As the digital landscape of healthcare grows, an increasing amount of patient data will be shared digitally, increasing the risk of HIPAA violations from misplaced EHRs. XQ allows providers to track and control who accesses messages, where, and when, ensuring that you remain HIPAA-compliant. For added security, we give providers the ability to revoke and kill access to data immediately.

Explore our Market-Ready Healthcare Solutions

Secure Patient Communications

With XQ, providers can take secure, regulated conversations with patients anywhere. XQ protects your communications across platforms and outside secure networks. Even if a message gets into the wrong hands, XQ encryption and instant revocation capabilities prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing the material.

Maintain Electronic Health Records

Healthcare has gone digital.  Storing, processing, and transferring electronic health records (EHR) is easier and safer than ever with XQ. Our cross-platform edge encryption tool allows you to seamlessly encrypt files. Unlike most encryption tools that rely on the cloud, XQ encrypts EHRs directly on the device, meaning the file is encrypted locally the moment the healthcare worker finishes taking down the information.

We’ve also made it possible to build encryption directly into a care provider’s server with our Vault and Transfer products.

Our APIs and SDKs are also available if further integration is required.


HIPAA Compliance

Patients, insurers, healthcare providers, and third parties are increasingly sharing protected health information (PHI) to help streamline care and costs. This information can be easily intercepted, a headache for patients, as well as businesses that could face millions in HIPAA fines. Further, attacks that cripple the healthcare system have increased dramatically recently, as cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities and hold systems ransom.

Healthcare in the Cloud Improving Patient Care

Moving to the cloud can provide your organization with increased security, time and money savings, an expansion of your remote workforce and heighten efficiencies. Make no mistake, migrating to Epic is a large and complex EHR conversion project. The Healthcare Partner Pathway Market-Ready IT solutions unlock the benefits of moving to the Cloud. See what EPIC on AWS can do for you.

Healthcare Partner Pathway Powered By

Heystone Technologies, Let's Talk Interactive, Project Hosts, Blueink, ClearData and Ingram Micro Cloud

Migrations and EMR Hosting

EMR Migration and Cloud Hosting for production EMR environments and legacy data allow clinicians to pull any level of detailed patient information into a single platform.

Healthcare Legacy Data Archival

A passive solution that allows Keystone to provide the long-term management and hosting of legacy EMR Data without the ongoing expense of the maintenance and licensing of the legacy EMR

Radiology Image Hosting

With active management and optimization, high performance and high availability through AWS and Citrix, and immediate access to patient charts and patient data from any location, Keystone’s solution offers the perfect mix of security, redundancy, compliance and optimization.

Healthcare-Managed Cloud and Defense

Compliance Protection for healthcare companies’ cloud environments, so they can innovate at scale and alleviate the risk of non-compliance, keeping PHI secure throughout their application.

Compliant eSignatures

Collect Legally Binding eSignatures, easily prepare, send and sign day-to-day documents electronically.

End-to-End Virtual Care Solutions

Develop easy, fast and safe virtual care connections. Anywhere in the world, 24/7. Secure telehealth solutions that are SOC2 certified and HIPAA and FERPA compliant.

Cloud Compliance-as-a-Services

HITRUST, StateRAMP and FedRAMP Cloud Compliance-as-a-Service for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

EDU in a Box

Gartner predicts a 20% global growth in cloud investment, exceeding $591 billion in 2023. AWS, in collaboration with Ingram Micro, introduces “Edu in a Box” to empower partners. This program provides exclusive benefits, enhancing sales and service quality in the education sector.

Did you know education tech providers gain unique advantages through the Ingram Micro and AWS partnership? Edu in a Box offers distinct benefits, setting partners apart in the market. It provides access to AWS experts’ support, training, and commercial advantages, positioning partners as premier providers of solutions for academic excellence. Seize this opportunity to contribute to the transformative journey of academia.


Cloud unstoppables: market-ready solutions

Grow your AWS business while delivering migration, security, and compliance solutions to meet your customers’ needs.

Zero Trust Data Protection

Protecting what matters most, your data

Learn how to protect your data with Market Ready Solutions

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Healthcare in the Cloud

Plug into our Healthcare Ecosystem