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Modernize and Grow
Your Cloud Business with AWS

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Level up your cloud practice with Ingram Micro Cloud’s suite of AWS solutions, services and enablement programs

To keep pace with shifting consumer demand and agile competitors, organizations are looking to modernize infrastructures, databases and applications with the innovative, scalable cloud platform, AWS. With Ingram Micro Cloud’s deep industry specialization, training, technical support, sales, marketing and operational support, you can both satisfy your customers’ needs and accelerate your own digital transformation.

Help Your Customers Evolve for Tomorrow

Modernize your own capabilities and deliver the right modernization strategy to your customers

Modernization has one objective – to help customers operate efficiently at scale with the right strategy. Ingram Micro Cloud has the tools, resources and know-how to help you with:

Legacy Application Transformation

Modernize and optimize customers’ legacy applications and infrastructure

Cloud-Native App Development

Build cloud-native applications on sophisticated platforms

Low-Code and No-Code Automation

Accelerate cloud-native adoption with modern business process automation

Modernization Tailored for You and Your Customers, Built by Ingram Micro Cloud

Deliver industry-leading modernization services when you partner with Ingram Micro Cloud

By partnering with Ingram Micro Cloud for your customers’ AWS migration, your customers will not just benefit from the deep insights and tailored business case achieved by the Cloud Readiness Assessment, while also receiving the best-in-class, end-to-end migration services you have come to expect from Ingram Micro Cloud.

  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Database Modernization
  • Business Applications Modernization

Unlock New Possibilities for Your Customers with Serverless Container-Based Services

Help customers modernize on their own terms with our service delivery capabilities.

Modernization is an essential growth solution for building new, cloud-native applications and retiring legacy solutions. AWS container-based services, serverless apps and microservices make it possible to focus on specific use cases, test quickly, and deploy without disrupting other workflows – which spells big benefits for your customers.

Global market intelligence firm IDC found that customers migrating to AWS:

  • Saved up to 51% on operational costs*
  • Increased IT staff productivity by 62%*
  • Reduced downtime by 94%*



These improvements represent increased availability, reliability and security, all at a much lower cost – clearly demonstrating why customers are so eager to modernize.

With Ingram Micro Cloud’s expertise, enablement programs and professional and managed services, you can unlock new possibilities and drive growth, both for your customers and your own business.

Why Modernize with Ingram Micro Cloud?

Drive strategic, long-term engagements with our industry-leading expertise

Improve your capabilities, your margins, and your market position with Ingram Micro Cloud’s industry-leading enablement programs, tools, and resources.

Deep Industry Specialization

• Multicloud platform
• Product specialization
• Scale with multicloud marketplaces
• Packaged solutions

Training and Technical Support

• Tools and technical resources
• Professional and managed services
• Pre- and post-sales support
• Enablement and training

Sales and Marketing

• End-customer demand gen
• To-partner and through-partner marketing
• Local and global expansion
• Vendor relationships and programs

Operational Excellence

• Cloud management tools
• Hyperscalers operational support
• Back office and operational support

Take the Next Step in Your AWS Journey

Ingram Micro Cloud is ready to be your partner and guide as you expand your business with AWS.

No matter where you are on your journey, we are here to help you build, scale and optimize your AWS practice. Get in touch today to get started.